Who Are We?

We are a women-owned business serving up the ultimate cup o' joe for the ultimate boss lady. We are about real connection, real life, real business, and only the freshest, tastiest coffee.

About Us

Stand Tall, Stay Balanced, Protect Your Flock & Always Be Fabulous

It’s bright, majestic, and stunning. It is strong and protective. It is balance and it is grace...

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Here's what our customers have to say...

Norma R. (Houston, TX)

"The variety pack were perfect for me to figure out that I need my HOT MESS EXPRESS-O!"

Mandy R. (Easton, MD)

"This is all so sincere. I know this because I have the honor of knowing and loving this beautiful overcaffeinated woman."

Jen (Chestertown, MD)

"The French-Ship Roast is my favorite!"