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The Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who really needed a cup of coffee….it was me, it was always me!

I am a Wife. Mom. Boss. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Holder of all the things. Event Planner. CEO of Laundry. CFO of Bills. Coffee Guzzler. Personal Chef. Therapist. Skinned Knee Fixer. Shampoo Lady. Youth Sports Biggest Fan, Ponytail Tie-r, Chauffer, Dog Walker, Take a Deep Breathe Reminder-er,  Drinker of all the wine and I was tired. Coffee became my cliché BFF to help me be the perfect version of all those things, and I quickly came to terms with the fact that I could always do my best but that nothing was ever perfect, and as a matter of fact I actually failed miserably at some of those things at times and that was ok! It was early on that I found that coffee was so much more than just a bean. I realized that Coffee is…catching up with an old friend, meeting deadlines at work, its waiting for news in a hospital or waiting up for your teenager, it’s a giggle session with your sisters, its exciting conversations about the future, its hard conversations about the past, its “I’m battling cancer or “My parents are sick”, it’s We’re having a baby!” or “ I never thoughts Motherhood would be this damn hard”, it’s extending grace.

Coffee is a connection of the circle of souls around us that weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and celebrate us when we are strong. Coffee is our connection. We as women are all connected, we all travel the same roads in different shoes. Some of us travel paved roads, some rough gravel roads and some a little bit of both. Some of our roads run parallel through life never actually crossing, while some may cross for a brief time and then continue off in another direction having served its purpose, others are good old fashioned dirt roads that always feel like home. Our coffees are meant to fill your soul with those things we all need most – support, love, laughter and the sisterhood feeling that at the end of the day, we are not alone. So the next time that first sip of coffee hits your soul, remember that the celebrations are in the connections.  

Xoxo, Jody