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Love is..

Love can be defined by a strong affection or attraction towards another.


Yep, I believe that.


But, it can also be disguised as “Did you have lunch?” or “I filled your gas tank for you” It hides in every day things like unloading the dishwasher or letting one or the other sleep in on a Sunday. It’s tag teaming the kids when one of you have had it. It’s always having their back (even if you need to talk about it in private later! We’ve all had those moments ;-) It’s knowing how they take their coffee and what their go to restaurant is for date night. It’s knowing their weaknesses and building them up with your strengths, while reminding them of theirs. It’s commitment and it’s motivating each other to be the best version of them that you know they can be. 

And honestly it’s arguing too, that shows security in your love. No two people ever agree on anything one hundred percent of the time, it’s just not reality. When you can comfortably disagree and talk things out, your love grows deeper. Love and marriage are not set them and forget them things, they are work, sometimes it’s like a tropical vacation and sometimes it’s like an eighty hour work week. Take pride in the things you’ve been through, the things that got you where you are. It is your journey. If you are struggling with something - work just a little harder and if you aren’t struggling - work just a little harder still. Love challenges us in the most beautiful of ways. It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Love is trust. Love is “A Perfect Blend” of two individual souls and two individual hearts. 




Thank you for reading! Happy Sipping! 


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