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Stand Tall, Stay Balanced, Protect Your Flock & Always Be Fabulous

It’s bright, majestic, and stunning. It is strong and protective.  

It is balance and it is grace.

It is the Pink Flamingo. 

The pink flamingo holds a special place in my heart.  It's full of femininity, gracefulness, happiness, and elegance.  The flamingo is the perfect definition of my mantra - Stand Tall, Stay Balanced, Protect Your Flock & Always Be Fabulous.  It's the foundation of what I want to share and cultivate in others. It's the why behind The Overcaffeinated Life – to connect, to extend grace, to fill your souls with the things we all need most – support, love, laughter, and the sisterhood feeling that at the end of the day, you are not alone.

Find Your Tribe

I want to inspire and motivate others to recognize what a beautiful thing it is to have those who will stand by you, those who will love your kids like their own, show up when they know you need it but you can’t admit it, will giggle and cry and tell you when you are wrong.


Be Fabulous

Don't be afraid to "Be Fabulous"….whatever that means to you.  Be strong in yourselves.  Be confident and live life to its fullest.


Find Balance 

It's time we normalize balance. We have so many things we as women have to juggle. We must remember to balance ourselves into the day-to-day schedules, the kid's practices, the PTA meetings, the bake sales, all the things. We must make time for ourselves too. You cannot pour from an empty cup, we all know this but it takes us some time to act on it.


Protect Your Flock

Be confident in protecting your flock. Speak up when something doesn’t seem right. Be the voice for your kids when they can’t speak. Be the honest voice that some just need to hear out loud.


I am so grateful to have you as a part of the flock here at The Overcaffeinated Life and I hope that with every sip of your freshly roasted cup of coffee, that you can feel the support and the love.



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