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The Most Kindred of Spirits

definition, “Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness.”

I believe that once or twice in your lifetime you come across these people and when you know it, you feel it in your soul. Mine came to me in the most unexpected of times, but that’s how it was meant to be, that’s how we knew it was just that, meant to be. There was a plan already in place. A plan that was much bigger than either one of us. It would involve generations to come, unbreakable bonds that would be formed and many memories to be made. It was going to be life changing. 

I was never blessed with a blood sister, and I’m not certain it would even be the same if I was. The universe wanted me to have one, and it sent me one of the best. In my late teens and early 20’s, I was a people pleaser (and truth be told I didn’t really grow out of that until much, much later. Note: DON’T wait that long!) I was the friend that could be left behind. I was the B List’r. I had begun to grow close to some that would eventually turn into my “root people” but for then it was fine, because it was all I knew. 

Her and I always say as crazy as it sounds - we must have known each other in a different life, we may have even been actual sisters in that lifetime, or as we sometimes joke, we were probably two girls living in New Orleans spending our days eating soul food, drinking coffee and listening to street music. But whatever it was, we were blessed to get the chance to live out our bond now, in this lifetime. 

I came to be comfortable with not being perfect. She let me cry, she was and is, my sounding board, my reality, my truth. She’s the one who pushed me and my husband out of our house and moved in for the weekend with our very little children so that we could start our annual adult Wedding Anniversary getaway. A trip I say has been a huge sweet spot in my 21 year marriage! She was always my “give me the baby and go shower” person. When I’m wrong, she tells me I’m wrong, when I’m being extra, she tells me I’m being extra. When I’m going through stages that she’s already gone through, she offers a road map, one to see what’s ahead, but never to force a lane.

Its always been said, a woman needs her husband as her soulmate and her best friend and I’m beyond grateful that I have that. But, a woman also needs her person. And in my best Meredith Grey voice, she is my person. Her family are my people. The people that allow me to be me. The people I celebrate like my own and whom celebrate mine like their own. The people who open their arms and love me even when I’m not at my most lovable. 

She’s always been a turtle lover, she spent a special birthday visiting the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key, FL, she is kind, she is tough, she is real and she is my Kindred Sister. She is my reason for “Turtle-y Awesome. Naming a coffee after someone may not seem like much, maybe even silly to some, but to me, it is a way to cherish our connection and what means so much to me. 

Don’t be afraid to love hard, to be over the top to show your heart. Write the cards, send the text’s, share the memories, create the laughter. Take the trips, have the coffee dates, clink the champagne. Make it all count. The world needs more of it. We, as women need more of it. 




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