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Wife..Mom..Boss..ALL THE THINGS!

Wife. Mom. Boss. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Holder of all the things.

Event Planner. CEO of Laundry. CFO of Bills. Coffee Guzzler. Personal Chef. Therapist. Skinned Knee Fixer. Shampoo Lady. Youth Sports Biggest Fan

Ponytail Tie-r, Chauffer, Dog Walker, Take a Deep Breathe Reminder-er, Drinker of all the wine....I mean seriously, this is all ONE person?

How does one person do all of this? The answer is of course love and support and all the normal “feel good things” but let’s be real, most of the time it’s sarcasm, humor and girlfriends that you can start and end a text with W.T.F.!? ….and they know exactly what you mean by it.

They know when to call you (which is usually like never, because…umm text!) they know when to bring you wine, take you out or even…take your kids with them to let you exhale.

I firmly believe in having each other’s back.

So, please join me in my mission of to make light of life, calm stress as best possible and even when we can’t, we are at least able to laugh, not at each other but with each other. We all travel the same road in different shoes, and believe it or not…that is O.K.



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