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Oh, the places we will go...

Someone says let go, I'm in! Already packing my bags in my head. Seeing new places, experiencing new things, making memories with my people - and, instantly I'm in love! I hope you'll join me in the sharing of stories and documenting of girls trips - family trips - solo trips and couples trips! I've often referred back to the fact that my marriage of 20 years relies heavily on an annual getaway with just my husband and I. We pick a place and soak up all the old dating day feels! We love our family and our three children more than anything but that time alone allows us to refill the tanks, the mom and dad tanks and the husband and wife tanks, it also allows us to breathe in our skin - some time to sit quietly and be grateful not only for the life we have - a happy home and healthy children, but sometimes just to be grateful for simply the quiet..

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